Cross-sectoral knowledge and use of the best technology

We can only guarantee outstanding quality because we use the best technology, ultrasonic milling machines, tools from our own production, the best scanners and software as well as high-precision measurement technology ... in combination with our know-how.


The Mack Group operates in a wide variety of industries and therefore has the suitable technical equipment for every task in the house - the dental technology segment benefits from that to a high degree ...

We have high-precision and efficient Sauer Ultrasonic-10-machines. These are complemented by milling and grinding tools from our own tool production which always have the perfect fit and which are finely polished. The machine accuracy is checked and calibrated daily by means of test specimens in order to minimise production tolerances.

Tactile and optical scanner by 3shape, Imetric and Renishaw, and CAD / CAM software and know-how from a wide range of industries enable design and programming to be carried out with unprecedented precision.

Industrial measuring devices are available for quality control and documentation- therefore, we not only promise quality, we can also prove it.